September 25, 2023
5 Month Old Wake Windows

5 month previous wake home windows that aren’t too lengthy may also help your child take lengthy naps and sleep via the night time. Whereas awake instances differ, most 5 month olds are napping each 2 to 2 1/2 hours all through the day. Study all about your child’s schedule and awake instances primarily based on my 15 years as a sleep marketing consultant!

5 Month Previous Wake Window: Morning

The primary morning wake window in your 5 month previous must be not more than 2 hours. Most infants this age solely keep awake for round 2 hours earlier than they’re able to nap once more. Moreover, the primary wake window of the day is often the shortest though they simply slept 10-12 hours at night time, ideally.

Needless to say you need to have them asleep by this time so plan your routines accordingly!

Second Wake Window

The 5 month previous wake window earlier than the second nap will doubtless be one other two hours, most. Most infants this age can’t keep awake longer than two hours with out getting overtired. Overtired infants are likely to take brief naps and wrestle to go to sleep within the first place.

Late Afternoon Wake Home windows

In case your 5 month previous child is taking 4 naps, you’ll doubtless use one other 2-hour wake window. Infants this age taking 4 naps usually sleep each 2 hours all day and earlier than bedtime.

Nonetheless, in case your child is already taking simply three naps, the third wake window earlier than the third nap will often should be a bit longer. You may strive 2 1/2 to three hours so as to keep away from overtiredness at bedtime.

Wake Window Earlier than Bedtime at 5 Months

The wake window earlier than bedtime at 5 months previous is often simply 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Some infants can keep awake for 3 hours however, in my expertise, that is much less doubtless. All infants are totally different however your child will often sleep higher at night time if their final wake window is on the shorter aspect.

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5 Month Old Wake Windows - 4 nap schedule versus 3 nap schedule

How Many Naps for a 5 Month Previous?

Nearly all 5 month previous infants nap 3-4 instances a day. There’s a very small proportion who will transition to 2 2-hour naps at this age however may be very uncommon, in my expertise of 15 years as a sleep marketing consultant.

Since most infants this age can solely keep awake about 2 hours at a time, most are taking 4 naps. Just one or two naps will often be an hour or longer. The others shall be a catnap of 30-45 minutes. In case your child has dropped to a few naps, they’re extra more likely to take at the very least one 1 1/2 to 2-hour nap.

Should you aren’t certain what number of naps your child ought to take, make sure to learn our article about when to drop to 2 naps.

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How To Assist Your 5 Month Previous Sleep By the Night time

The precise schedule means utilizing the fitting wake home windows in your 5 month previous. In case your child is well-rested, they’re extra more likely to sleep via the night time! Should you’re struggling, make sure to obtain a duplicate of our free e-E book, 5 Methods to Assist Your Baby Sleep By the Night time.