September 30, 2023
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In case you have breastfed for some time and wish to wean or perhaps mix breastfeeding with bottle-feeding, you is perhaps up for a shock. Many breastfed infants utterly refuse the bottle while you attempt to introduce it. However there are (light) methods to win this battle!

Learn my strategies to a mother whose child freaks out each time she tries to bottle-feed him.

how to get a breastfed baby to take the bottle


Mother’s Query:

Is it even attainable to get a breastfed child to take the bottle?! My child is 4 1/2 months previous, and I’m making an attempt to get him to take a bottle of formulation as soon as a day with no luck. I’m leaving on a visit in 3 weeks, and I don’t know what I’m going to do if he nonetheless refuses the bottle.

He actually turns purple whereas screaming from the bottle and style of the formulation. Ought to I let him go forward and nurse or let him get actually hungry? My first two youngsters weaned off the breast very simply. My husband and children attempt to feed him the bottle, and he nonetheless “freaks out”! Assist!


Breastfed Child Refuses Bottle, Why And What To Do

Why do breastfed infants refuse the bottle?

Mommy is Extra Yummy!

I’m not shocked your little boy doesn’t wish to cease breastfeeding; you might be a lot yummier than a bottle! It may be arduous to wean a child that clearly is aware of what he desires. I think he’s additionally selecting up in your stress at making an attempt to make him take a bottle, and the stress is making the scenario worse. Very troublesome when you may have a deadline to go away.

Nipple Confusion

One thing known as “nipple confusion” also can happen. Infants can develop a desire for both breast or bottle nipples. If a child turns into used to the breast and the circulation of milk from it, they may discover it troublesome to regulate to a distinct nipple form or milk circulation from a bottle.

The Breast milk vs. System

Breast milk is of course warmed to physique temperature, whereas bottled milk is perhaps too chilly or too scorching for the newborn’s desire. Guaranteeing the milk is on the proper temperature could be necessary.

Breast milk additionally has a novel odor and style that infants may affiliate with consolation and nourishment. Bottled milk may style completely different, which might result in refusal.

The breast vs. a bottle

Breastfed infants are used to the pure circulation and tempo of milk from the breast, which could be fairly completely different from the quicker circulation of milk from a bottle. Some infants might wrestle with this distinction and turn out to be pissed off.

The kind of bottle and nipple you’re utilizing may not fit your child’s preferences. Some infants want sure nipple shapes or supplies.

Infants may not like the sensation of milk being compelled into their mouths, which may typically occur with bottle-feeding if the circulation is simply too quick.

Merely A Behavior

Infants are routine lovers. If a child is used to breastfeeding, they may resist bottle-feeding just because it’s completely different from what they’re used to.

I can completely sympathize with you; two of our three kids wouldn’t settle for a bottle both (all breastfed). It takes some creativity!

The way to get a breastfed child to take the bottle

Listed here are some stuff you may attempt to get your child to just accept the bottle:

1. Feed him earlier than he’s ravenous or lifeless drained

  1. Firstly, I wouldn’t wait till he’s ravenous to attempt to get him to take the bottle; at the moment he’s already hungry and grumpy and simply desires you. Feed him a bit of bit earlier.

2. Make the Bottle Feeding a Smiley Sport!

Fairly than making it one thing you might be forcing on him, attempt to make it extra of a smiley sport. Let him attempt to maintain and seize on the bottle, play with the teat, and many others. That means he sees smiles and enjoyable with the bottle, not frowns and stress. Simply do little tastes of the formulation so it turns into acquainted.

3. Mimic the breastfeeding scenario or higher!

Create a brilliant cosy feeding scenario that resembles the breastfeeding or is even higher, e.g. with pores and skin contact and mild rocking.

4. Feed breast milk within the bottle or combine

I might strive is to specific your personal milk and get him used to the bottle with the great things in it. That means, at the least the style is acquainted. You don’t have a lot time left, however as soon as he will get used to the bottle, you’ll be able to progressively introduce formulation each second feed, or for the primary couple of ounces, then swap if he complains.

You may even combine in a bit of bit formulation with the milk to make him progressively get used to the style.

5. Change the formulation

You would additionally strive altering the formulation in case he prefers the style of a brand new model. For one in every of my kids, what helped was to swap formulation model. She went from spitting and refusing to eat to suckling greedily when she received a formulation that she appreciated. And to be trustworthy, after I tasted the 2, I additionally most well-liked the one she did. Perhaps it needed to do with this fascinating incontrovertible fact that analysis has discovered; the style of breast milk is affected by mother’s food regimen.

6. Strive completely different nipples

Experiment with completely different bottle nipples to seek out one which intently resembles the breast and permits for a cushty circulation.(You most likely have already tried that!)

7. Verify the formulation temperature

Attempt to make it possible for the formulation has the identical temperature as breast milk (98.6 levels Fahrenheit (F) or 37 levels Celsius (C)).

Lastly, try these extra bottle-feeding suggestions that I’ve written down right here. They helped one other of my youngsters to just accept bottle-feeding.

I hope all of it works out in time so that you can go away,
All the very best,

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